Don’t you see issues every day you’d like to be solved? I do. So much technology and so many problems. And I also see a lot of possibilities. Internet of Things, sensors, wearables, smartphones, virtual reality, you name it. My goal is to uncover the massive untapped potential in technology. Concept design and process management make me most excited. Going from research to ideas and guiding these to implementation, while keeping the goal and user in mind. To do this with a high focus on quality I rely on my background in psychology, neurosciences and computer sciences.

I’ve worked on several projects and gained experience in UX research and design, UI design, programming and project management. I make the leap between observing people’s problems and imagining how technology could improve their lives.

My focus is on ideas and goals: What could the world look like tomorrow? And what should we do to get there? Being versed in multiple disciplines and the art of presenting and communicating I am a bridge between clients, stakeholders and makers. Optimistic yet critical, while keeping the bigger picture and goals in mind, I want to make sure the team remains focused and on track.

In my free time I help organising events for women in tech and participate in Toastmasters to develop my public speaking and leadership skills.